4month-iversary Tuesday October 9, 2007

It’s funny how things can change. In particular, it’s funny how things can change in a year or better yet in four months.

For the past year I’ve been relying heavily on anniversaries and milestones for a variety reasons. Some to track the growth of the corporation and others to chart the immense amount of personal and professional change over a period of time. Some just for shits and giggles.

Warning! Sappiness ahead

The past four months have been incredibly intense, amazing and perfectly surprising. It’s not that it’s remarkable for a relationship to last four months, because to be honest that one of the easiest things to achieve. We’ve both tongue and cheekily joked about the 4month-ivesary, just because of how unsubstantial that date is suppose to be. But I’m learning that common time lines just don’t seem to apply anymore. What makes this so remarkable is that something so natural and something that appears to be going for so long, is only four months old…

Which in turn makes the future that much more exciting and brilliant.

Anyways, happy 4month-iversary Cait.

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