Random Thoughts For Tangerine Friday October 5, 2007

Because one can’t live without one’s own sumo lounge chair and I made a promise before heading to Ireland – I went and ordered my second Sumo Omni chair.

As you can see it’s a very, very bright Tangerine colored Omni chair. Just as comfortable as the Charcoal one but more likely to signal incoming Air Traffic and distressed Helicopters. This MotherFucker radiates Orange! Radiates it!

First – The D.A. sent me this link about Ridley’s Scott reworking of BladeRunner. Fantastic news, but I can see Byron Miller of the Urban Studies department rolling his eyes from here.

Second – Further proof that Austin Rules – The Hour goes to Austin City Limits

Third – umbrella…ela…ela…oh…oh…oh

Fourth – via Raspberry Sundae – which is via Tony Pierce – The Arcade Fire seems to have played an amazing impromptu gig in the middle of the front foray. I love the spontaneity.

Fifth – Facebook’s most popular game appears to be Scrabble.

Sixth – Don’t get me wrong I’m all for Gwen Stefani’s adorable, blonde-no-doubt-milf-new age Debbie Harry hotness, but does Hewlett Packard actually think she can help you sell printers?

Seventh – The Go! Team’s Flashlight Fight is the hottest thing Public Enemy (Chuck D in particular) has done since providing the soundtrack to Smelly Mel and MasterBlaster.

Eighth – Only 4,223 Reasons to go.

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Because you didn’t give ME your old one, I had to get my own Sumo Chair – it is afterall, the most comfy chair ever.

As a note, I don’t think the strategically positioned half-drunk glass of wine in the background makes the bright orange chair any more classy – you just can’t improve something as fantastic as a Sumo Chair

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