Number 400 Wednesday September 26, 2007

In my very first post all I wanted was a cough and a hand in a very awkward place. Was that really so much to ask for?

By my 20th post I was in Austin Texas.

The 64th post almost had me in tears. Almost being the key word.

For post 150 I let loose on my disgust for David Frost and the entire Mike Danton affair.

The 200th post was removed for pure and utter sappiness. Those were dark days.

A random thought came up for post 250 and I spent most of it complaining about Jared Leto’s cheesy AK-47 shirts, riping the U of C’s blogging study a new hole in it’s academic ass, and announcing the release of Jamie’s Dictionary.

Post 300 had me admitting to signing up for this new fancy-nancy Facebook crap and proclaiming the end of the tire kicking phase of blogging.

I have no idea where my 350th article went. For all I know the bastard could be in London drinking with my baggage. But post 264 had me raving about Russel Brand.

… and that brings me to post 400. Hope you’ve enjoyed my stupidity.

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