Top 5 DREAM Concerts of All Time.. Thursday April 6, 2006

So tonight I’m off to see the Deftones at the Saddledome.

Considering my huge addiction to the ‘tones, I should be salivating and drooling to see them. Truth is I’m not. Not because I don’t want to se’em (as you’ll see later), but because they’re coming as the headliners for the Taste of Choas Tour.

Which means ever little puke who’s mother didn’t hug them enough or decided to eliminate their chances of reproduction by wearing little girls pants and black makeup is going to be there. Its going to be a sea of bleak, black and teenage angst. I have have a feeling it might have the potential to be worse then the legendary “gap-couple” love fest which was the Coldplay Saddledome show of 2004. I also have a feeling that myself and McGuire could will be the oldest, creepiest guys in the audience. But Either way, I’m going to enjoy my first expereince with Chino & co., Plus the concert means I can systematically cross another dream concert off my list.

So in honor of this momentous occasion, in true Rob Gordon Fashion, I present – Ctoverdrives’ top five dream concerts of all time. (In no particular order)

  • The Police * – ( I saw Sting live in Palma Majorica, Spain at the Bullfighting ring… Thats as close as I ever will get.)
  • The Beastie Boys – (Saw them in Vancouver)
  • Neil young and Crazy Horse – (At the Docks in Dublin, Ireland)
  • The Deftones
  • Rage Against The Machine – (Oh Zack Please Kiss and Make-up!!)

Dare to Dream Turner! Dare to Dream….

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ahem…excuse me,my friend.with all due respect to yourself and sting(who i actually like),seeing sting live is not tantamount to seeing the police going to have to be firm on this one.its okay,ill never get to see the clash.again,big fan of the site.go flames!

Dean · Apr 6, 05:42 pm · #permalink


How did Alanis Morrisette not make this list? go oilers

Scott · Apr 7, 11:38 am · #permalink


dean, dean, dean.
I’ll come to a compromise. Obviously seeing the clash live is nearly impossible, (unleash Joe Strummer rises from the grave) but seeing Sting play a barrage of police classics was a possible cop out. Therefore I will remove it as one to cross off. Instead it will be an asterisk.

By the way check this out – A group in Calgary is looking to create a Joe Strummer memorial recreation hall.

cturner · Apr 7, 01:01 pm · #permalink

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