Cybershot DSC-40 Sunday February 26, 2006

So on a whim, I went out and spent money I don’t have on a spiffy digital camera. I went to the local Best Buy and picked myself up a new Sony Cybershot DSC-40.

Is this post worth? Not really.

But with this piece of digital sorcery, I can now add a new dimension of visualization to my words. It even gives me a reason to set up a flickr site. Even better I can now capture those precious moments when I realize how fucking stupid I am. Case in Point; Three weeks ago I could have photographed the precise moment when I realize I’d driven Gerry’s truck into a 3 ft snowdrift somewhere north of Libby, Montana.

So here is my new toy and my attempts at enshrining my vanity.

Self-Portrait 6

Yes, that is my bathroom and my dirty bathroom mirror. Yes, my skid marked boxers are hanging on the back of the door.

Self-Portrait 2

I find it funny that every attempt I’ve ever made at a photographic self-portrait always starts out with the intensions of being all artistic and introspective, but quickly degenerates into immature potty-mouth stupidity. I’d love to say I’ve grown more mature than that, but it took less than 7 shots before I began flipping myself the bird.

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