Polaris Tuesday September 25, 2007

For the last few weeks, JD and myself have been in a heated debate about who the hell was going to capture the Polaris Music Prize. (Canada’s version of the Mercury Prize) While I was championing Calgary’s own songstress Ms. Leslie Feist, Jamie was championing David Bowie’s favorite group of musical Frenchmen – The Arcade Fire. While I honestly doubted that either one of our picks were going to win based on their staggering commercial success. (We were just in it for a bit of slag and a nice debate.) I pretty much figured that it would be a lesser known band like the Besnard Lakes. Especially after the eclectic Come on! Last year it was Final Fantasy and his He Poos Clouds record which stole the inaugural prize.

Either way, I don’t think either one of us saw Patrick Wilson winning. I’m going to reiterate JD’s stance on this – who the fuck is Patrick Wilson?

I know it’s voted on by a committee, but honestly two years in a row? Another obscure artist overtakes a massive list of far more established artists? Maybe it’s just the tendency of indie hipsters to choose the obscure rather than the obvious. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it’s great exposure for Patrick Wilson, but I can’t but feel a little disappointed again.

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