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Random Thoughts For A Magic Location Friday September 28, 2007

So, I apparently missed the first episode of the new season of Hereos.

Guess where the final scene took place? Come on try it … you guessed it … Cork, Ireland.

Lastly, we’re in Cork, Ireland. An Irish mob breaks into some sort of storage shed. They were hoping to steal something… but find a mysterious man without a shirt instead, handcuffed. He has the symbol on a necklace around his neck. They ask his name. He says he doesn’t know. But we do: it’s Peter Petrelli.

Monday nights are now booked for the next little while.

First – A cute pixel-ated Sigmund Freud Commercial by

Second – Back on the train. It looks like eboy and Kid Robot have teamed up to release a set of vinyl toys, called the PEECOL.

Check the little bugger out on Flickr.

Third – Hey! Alien vs. Predator – Requiem might even be tolerable…might being the key word.

Fourth – More Heroes non-sense – The Top Five Unresolved issues from last season’s Heroes’ Finally. (via robotman the blog)

Fifth – Again from the top ten moments from 30 Rock. Even with Alec Baldwin’s personal matters overshadowing the show it’s still a damn funny. Check out the Dongahy Irish family fight … Priceless.

Sixth – I used Vista for the first time last weekend to set-up my parents computer and to tell you the truth; I’m actually reconsidering the big switch to the Mac because of it. Well it also seems that Mark Cuban has finally made the switch too.

Seventh – Some Hour goodness. First an interview with Romeo Dallaire and Guy Dupois for the film adaptation of Shakehands with the Devil.

But more importantly – George interviewing Dave Grhol and Taylor Hawkins. The uber-geek in me made me to wet my pants … on numerous occasions… in front of company… but it was worth it.

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comment the second episode was last night, have you heard the ‘irish’ accents? it is almost unwatchable.

Georgia · Oct 2, 07:42 pm · #permalink

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