Balearic Sunday September 23, 2007

After a few flights and a couple of weeks finding my luggage, I’ve finally got around to posting all my photos from my little side trip o the wonderful island of Mallorca. (Click on the Mallorca 2007 Set)

A little back story is due, so here we go. Mallorca is the largest of the three Balearic Island off the east coast of Spain. The region surrounding the island’s capital (Palma De Mallorca) is a notorious European tourist destination. In the late 70’s, while the region was growing into the Tourist enclave that it is today, my parents met. My mum was working there as a Irish Tour Guide/Translator while my father would visit there on his off time from the rigs in Libya.

Because of this special connection and an assortment of wonderful family friends, Palma De Mallorca is one the key destinations I am obliged to visit when in the neighborhood.

This was my second visit to the Island. The previous time was 7 years ago as a stone broke backpacker at the end of a four month odyssey. This time I had the fortune of being a somewhat out of work Web Designer at the end of a two month timeout. In the previous visit Chomiack and myself pretty much spent our week and half annihilated in various forms of debauchery. Fast Forward seven years and now able to rent a car (A smart car – FOR/FOUR!) Tamara and myself were able to explore the island a little more. Including a trip to the Cueva De Drac. and the town of Porto Cristo.

For most North Americans Palma is a little off the beaten track, but is definitely worth the detour.

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