Random Thoughts For PaddyPower Saturday September 15, 2007

One of the things I love about the British Isles and Ireland are the PaddyPowers, Bolyesports and other on street bookies. Every corner mall over here has a tiny little shop where you can go in and bet on anything; from Horse Races to the odds of a Spice Girl getting pregnant. Betting is just a fabric of life here and not relegated to backwater alleys or sleazy dive bars.

Anyways, I put a few Euro on the recent Euro 2008 qualifying tests. In particular, England to beat Russia at 8/15 odds and for the Czech Republic & Ireland to draw at 5/1 odds. I have no idea what all that means, but I do know I ended up 7 Euro richer! JAM!

First – One of the coolest T-shirt’s I’ve seen on Threadless in a very long time. The Medusa

If this is in any indication of upcoming threadless trends, expect a flurry of great new designs to hit the online store in about two weeks. Furthermore, If you wanted to steal my mail, you could also watch as my credit card skyrockets.

Second – With the 2007-08 NHL season coming up, all 30 teams are releasing their newly sanctioned Reebox Edge Jerseys. All the teams are required to change to the new slim-fit edge designs. While some jerseys haven’t changed at all (see Detroit & Montreal) others have been drastically changed (see the Vancouver & Washington), but if you want a one stop source for all the changes check out NHLlogos.blogspot. The poor fucker must be going into overdrive right now with all the emails.

Third – An excellent little article from Veerle’s beautiful web log detailing what she learned by starting her own company.

If I look back over the past 15 years of my career I’m astonished about what I’ve learned and how fast things evolve these days. Especially if you are involved in web design it’s hard to keep pace and stay on top of the latest techniques and technologies. I learned the basic principles of design and printing at school, but all the rest, expect from an evening course in Photoshop (version 2) and Quark XPress, is self-taught.

Fantastic advice from a great influence.

Fourth – Star Wars Virgins of the world unite – Hot girls in skimpy Stormtrooper uniforms.

Fifth – My family friends in Spain where in an uproar about this; but the Czech tennis player who lost Feder at the U.S. Open is notorious for his impressions. Watch as he takes the piss out of Sharpova and Roger Feder. (via kottke.org)

If you ask me tennis desperatly needs more characters like this. Jesus! just look what the crocuha-tron did for Peter Crouch’s career.


Sixth – Everyone knows that Kanye is still the better of the two, but this 50 Cent Remix is still indie-rific.

Seventh – What in God’s name does Stevie Wonder have to do with Nascar.

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