Can Pastilla & San Miguel Saturday September 8, 2007

So I´ve decided to take a weekish break from my little baby.

(Photo via stn1978)

For the next week, well until the 10th of September, I´m not going to be touching the old c.t.overdrive.

If you know anything about the back story to Palma and particular Can Pastilla, this little section has some special importance to my family. (My parents met here some 30 years ago) Coupling that with the choas that has been the last nine months and I´ve decided to take these next five days completely off. I´m shutting down for a week and take´n er easy.

I´ll be back at it again once I get back to Cork, but now surrounded by thousands upon thousands of German Douchebags, (DoucheFest was nothing compared to the boardwalks of Can Pastilla & Arenal) Jugs of Fresh Sangria, packs of American Spirits and a bunch of books, I´m going to take a break.

If your bored and looking for something to kill time, how about playing with the Flick Maps API. Because, I know I´ve spent way too much time on it.

Sidenote: The Puro Beach Oasis bar (the image at the top) is mere metres from our hotel.

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