Three Castles Sunday September 2, 2007

To steal from JD and Chris Rock, to me Dublin has always seemed like the Skett Ulrich to London’s Johnny Depp.

And before you start chastising me, I’ll preface this by saying that I loved my time in Dublin, far more than my previous visit six years ago. Dublin is an absolutely stunning city to visit.

If it’s for the glorious pubs, the fantastic nightlife of Temple bar, the amazing historical architecture, the lush fields of St. Stephen’s Green or if you happen to be some fraudulent Joyce freak (which I am) the literary relevance of the urban core; there is much to see and do in Dublin.

It’s a very metropolitan city a kin to London. Except to me it always feels like it’s competing with London and seems to be a step or two behind the place; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’ve got similar attractions, but they’re not quite as famous nor quite as brilliant as their London counterparts. But that’s with not saying, that things in Dublin aren’t worth while; because they are.

Either way, I had a great time in Dublin and finally got around to updating my Flickr account with more Dublin photos

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