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Mermaids Tuesday April 4, 2006

Two posts in a day! What’s the occasion? Anyways…

First – Has anyone else in Calgary noticed the increased Police presence in the Downtown Core? At lunch I went for a walk today down Stephen Avenue and passed by 11 Policemen. Largely in groups of three or four. But this isn’t the first afternoon I’ve noticed this. It happened last Friday. In addition, I’ve noticed four cops patrolling the crack C-train station (7th street West, by the McDonalds) this Morning. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone understand the rhyme and/or the reason for this insurgence of our cities finest?

Second – Threadless released another great T-shirt…

Threadless T-Shirt

I can’t decide if I want this or not. It’s really funny because it reminds me of the Futuarama where they go to the Lost City of Atlanta. Fry tries to sleep with a stunning southern Mermaid (or a BTM) and ends up running out of the House screaming – Why couldn’t you have the Fish Parts on the top and the girly parts on the bottom!! That episode always makes me laugh. But it is still a pretty graphic shirt. But then on the other side the chef’s elbows are hilarious.

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