dDiamondd Tuesday August 28, 2007

I must have the single greatest luck when it comes to concerts and visiting Dublin. Six years ago it was Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the Point. This year it was Foo Fighters and NIN at Marlay Park on Wednesday night and then the unstoppable bttls (battles) on Friday night at cavernous the tripod bar.

I fabricated a pretty delusional Jim Henson’s Muppet reference to describe the experience that is battles. Imagine if you will three Beakers in a triangle formation of nerdom, surrounded by a collective of keyboards, synthesizers, power books and mixers; while Animal stationed in the centre, unleashes a blitzkrieg of fury on the pig skins.

That my friends is battles in a nut shell. or from the point of view of someone who should be in a nut house

As one another diluted drunk mentioned to me;

rarely do you see a band where the centerpiece is not the guitarist, not the vocalist or not the front man, but rather the insane drummer with a ridiculous set-up.

battles live was an unreal experience – like a colossal fight between technology and primal drumming – a battle if you may. ( oooo Turner, lay off the cheese )

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