The Old Jameson Distillery Sunday August 26, 2007

I’m finally back in Cork after a whirlwind-booze-induced-foo fighter/battles-fied four day maniac tour of Dublin.

I promise a more interesting write up about Dublin in a bit after I touch up some photos and upload some video. In the meantime, If you ever do have the chance to head to Dublin for any period of time, I strongly suggest you take the c.t.overdrive path to alcoholic enlightenment.

On the west side of downtown Dublin lies two of it’s most cherished establishments/tours – The Guinness Store House at St. Jame’s gate and the Old Jameson’s Whiskey Distillery.

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Start the morning off at the Old Distillery – for shits and giggles why not start at say 10:00. Do the tour and enjoy a nice early morning shot of whiskey (Or if you like Jameson’s & Ginger Ale – a Fucking brilliant drink by the way) and then go to the down stairs bar to enjoy a very posh glass of Irish whiskey. Follow that up with a walk south (stopping in for a pint or two on the way) to The Brazen Head pub. (One of Dublin’s most well-known pubs and a wonderful outdoor patio) Then walk the five-ten minutes to the Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate. (Of course you must stop off atleast one more pub along the way) End the tour of the brewery at the Gravity Bar overlooking Dublin with a straight pint of Guinness. Have a couple more pints at the source bar (5th floor of the Brewery) ...

Round it all off by stumbling to the Gift Shop and spending upwards of 100 dollars on useless Guinness attire.

Realize you are indeed trashed at 3:00 in the afternoon and stumble back to your hostel – with an enlightened sense of well being and a lighter wallet.

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