Random Thoughts For The End of Bat Boy Friday August 31, 2007

This is horrible news for everyone who has ever stood in line at the checkout counter at Safeway(s) ... The Weekly World News has printed it’s last paper.

Yes! It’s true – The one piece of salvation mixed in with those cloned rags and their photos of B-Spears’ Gunt & Jessica Alba’s amazing body has officially ended its printing run. So let’s all hang our heads in a single moment of silence for the thousands upon thousands of nuggets of Photoshop hilarity that this paper has given all of us.

First – Mike Meyers + Justin Timberlake + Jessica Alba in a Hockey movie where the Leafs win the Cup.

I refuse to make a comment about this. I refuse.

Second – From last year’s bold flames prediction, my buddy Taratukin has done a pretty entertaining interview with a Russian Prospects Web site about the upcoming season.

Be forewarned it’s a second hand Russian translation, but it’s worth a read to get a grip on this guy … and to laugh at the translation issues.

I will try to scare you for the last time: your team has now been placed under the “terrible” Mike Keenan. And they say, that he can easily hit a player in the kidneys during a game.

Third – Probably the best criticisms of Sex and the City I have ever come across. Not that I openly search for criticisms of Sex and the City on a regular basis… errr…(via RudeBarbie)

Fourth – Everyone has seen Coke’s very impressive Happiness Factory commercial. (It’s the one where the pop machine turns out to be the most epic Fragile Rock universe on Acid.)

Anyways, here’s a fantastic link to everything you ever wanted to know about that very beautiful commercial. It includes all the different versions, links to some artwork from the spot and some other videos produced by coke.

Fifth – Bill Murray is arrested on a DUI....In Sweden…For Driving a Golf Cart Drunk.

Sixth – A little slow on the draw with this one, but the Polaris Music Prize nominations for Canada have been released. My vote is for my girl Fiest Feist to win. The Remainder Reminder is easily the record of the year.

Seven – Further proof that the Foo Fighters Rock harder than anyone. The Video for the Pretender.

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My favourite part about this post is that after calling her “your girl,” you spelled Feist’s name wrong, and then said her album was called the “Remainder” when it’s actually called the Reminder. Other than that, you were bang on!

Nathan · Aug 31, 10:31 am · #permalink


grumble…Stupid…Music-critic/FFWD bugger…correcting…my mistakes…grumble

cto · Aug 31, 01:30 pm · #permalink

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