Everlong Thursday August 23, 2007

That was the single greatest large arena concert I’ve ever seen.

(Photo via Nicola T)

Let’s preface that statement. I usually refuse to go to large venue concerts. They’re always extremely overpriced and they never have a sense of intamicy. For the most part the bands playing these venues never seem to have the showmanship to make the experience worth while. So on a whole I’m not a huge fan of these types of shows and generally don’t go to them.

But I will make one exception and that’s for Dave Ghrol and the Foo Fighters.

Last night The Foo Fighters put on one of the best performances I have ever seen. Surrounded by 30-40,000 drunken Irish brothern, it was amazing. If you want a frame of refrence for the performance, Trent Reznor’s NIN opened the show and in comparison felt like a mediocre emo band. Even though Reznor is the undisputable godfather of Industrial Music, their performance just paled in comparison. The Foo fighters with Ghrol as the centre piece, put on an unstoppable live show that is just pure rock and roll. You can trash some of their records, but when it comes to live large arena concerts – they can not be topped.

The whole gig started off with Ghrol strolling out to a single blue spotlight to start an accoustic solo version of Everlong only to have the band follow him to finish of that amazing drum solo. It was stunning. Then the Foos proceeded to play everything from the Color and the Shape to Breakout and the rest of their repertoire, including a few from the original Foo Fighter record. Every song was met with enormous enthusiasm and Ghrol’s hilarious banter had the crowd eating from the palm of his hands. A special appearance by ex-guitarist Pat Smear just made the entire evening that much more amazing. The final curtain call was ana amzing redition of Best of You left everyone going absolutely nuts.

As you can see I’m in a little bit of a high at the moment and just coming down from the show. That was the best outdoor concert I’ve seen and I am more than willing to defend this position to the death. Next time the Foos roll in to Calgary I will be more than willing to drag anyone who leaves a comment on the post to demonstrate what a real rock concert is all about.

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