The Namesake Tuesday August 21, 2007

I’m heading up to Dublin tomorrow for a three day tour of the Nation’s captial. More importantly I’m catching the Foo Fighters & Nine Inch Nails at Madlay Park for BudRising Festival. I’m stoked as hell to be back on the road again. Because of this I really don’t have much to write about, so I’ll post a little clip of The Namesake (My cousin Dian’s wonderful son Conor) trying to blow out my aunt’s Birthday cake. The little bugger is so freaking adorable, but just can’t get the cake blowing out part. His expression at the end is priceless.

Anyways, I do have more interesting VBlog’s in the pipelines, but uploading 28 MB files to Vimeo has become somewhat of a challenge. Note – it’s just a challenge and not a problem. And for the record Mr.Oates they do include some of Ireland’s beautiful scenery.

Yeah Feaking Muppet

Catch you all in Dublin.

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