Random Thoughts For Irish Fry-Ups Friday August 24, 2007

Another episode of the laaaaame ctoverdrive video blogging series.

Actually I’m pretty proud of this one. For the record it was a mighty fine delicious breakfast.

Hmmmmmm….Black Pudding.

First – How in god’s name does one exchange a Rocket Launcher for Reeboxs! Secondly why Reeboxs, were they out of new balance or L.A. Gear?

Second – 50 Cent vs. Data Rock (via the hoodinternet)

For the record that was not house music.

Third – Kasper Schmicheal is like the Mini Me to Michael Peter Schmiechael

Fourth – A glance into the Moleskin notebooks of some of the world’s most influential thinkers.

Fifth – I seriosuly have to lay of the peytoe, because what the fuck is this flickr group about? Is this cat’s on acid? Motha Fuck.

Sixth – A long with the Flames, every hockey team will be realsing new tight fitting Reebox jerseys. Some jerseys won’t be changing by much and others like the new Senators Jersey are in for a major overhaul.

Seven – Moutain Dew Limited Edition – halo 3 Game Fuel

So anyways it would be fun to imagine how that conversation went, because somewhere along the line, for some reason I cannot even begin to wrap my head around, someone decided that a good marketing campaign would center around a soda that tastes like a mouthful of Starburst-flavored condoms.

Eight – More Foo Fighter Flickr goodness

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