Portfolio & The Story Monday April 3, 2006


So I did do something productive this weekend. On Sunday evening I finally put together The Portfolio and The Story sections of the site.

Obviously The Portfolio section contains examples of my web work and art work. While not nearly as flashy as Cameron Moll’s portfolio, (which was also launched this weekend), my portfolio contains far more boobies and generally nudity. So there! The Story section is a fairly lame synopsis of my life and the reason for the site. It, like everything in my life right now, is a shaky work in progress. It’ll be funnier I swear… Once I get around to it.

I will be adding more examples of my artwork to The Portfolio this week. I need to re-photograph some pieces and I also need to add a short description to each work. But at least I have posted it.

First – Taking a digital camera with you when searching for a new apartment/house is a fantastic idea. Save the time of trying to remember what the apartment looks like; just take a photograph of the renter’s info and the place. So when it comes time to phone the landlord you can correlate the place with the info.

The one problem with this idea is that it can only be done in the day. Slowly driving through neighborhoods and taking pictures of buildings in the daylight is fine. Slowly driving through neighborhoods and taking pictures from the driver’s side of your car after sundown. Bad idea.

Second – I don’t believe this for a second, but as of April 3rd there are 9,090 Broil King BBQ’s left in Tim Horton’s Roll-up the Rim to Win contest I’m sorry but where did this phantom shipment of Broil King Cups go? How could there only be 8 Rav4’s left and 9,000 BBQ’s. I sense a conspiracy.

Third – I found this photo on my HardDrive and no matter what it always manages to make me smile.

Hialrious Found Photo

It’s from a magazine called FOUND The mag takes items found on the streets, takes them out of their context and publishes them for all to read. So for example a simple grocery list with a reminder for more sex is hilarious out of its context.

Anyways these two kids are so cool it hurts. There is more coolness in that one single moment than in my 26 oddish years of existence. Its criminal how cool these kids are.

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