IFOF Tuesday August 14, 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve had the technology available to pull this off. Anyways, another installment of my lame attempt at vblogging.

So if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’ve been having epic technical difficulties, which is why you’ll have to forgive me for the briefness of this video. I promise in the future, you’ll get seaside videos and tours of breweries. But for now as I figure shit out you get my ugly mug and rain.

Yes, it hasn’t rained this much during an Irish summer since the 1700’s.

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Where do I begin!
Well I guess I’ll just hit one high point. The room you were in was very “bin-laddin-esque”

Also I think you put an Irish accent on “fuck”.

You have the VV wake up look, which is a good look for you.

Do you want to hit up NHL in London?

Dark Manyluk · Aug 16, 08:22 am · #permalink


I know I look like absolute shit in this photo, but are we talking pre-swingers Vince Vaughn or Old School Fat Vince Vaughn?

Because Old School Vince Vaughn would absolutetly crush my soul.

c.t.o · Aug 18, 06:01 am · #permalink


“Made” Vince Vaughn
I think they’re into your shit.

Dark Manyluk · Aug 18, 07:37 am · #permalink

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