Trapped in The Closet Monday August 13, 2007

Okay everyone knows about the epic R.Kelly Hip hop Opera Hip Hopera from two years ago called – Trapped In the Closet. Yeah, that ridiculous running story where he pulls out a gun on a preacher’s wife…

Anyways, because of the Fubar’d status of my computer I’ve been watching my fair share of MTV and I came across the new R.Kelly & Usher Video – Same Girl. This is comically bad. And it’s probably enhanced by the blatant self-promotion at the beginning and the horrible acting, but this crap is only something that R.Kelly could come out with.

Feel free to laugh at this pile of trash like I have…

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I can’t believe that you said “hip-hop opera” when you had a perfectly good chance to bust out Hip-Hopera.


Nathan · Aug 13, 10:52 am · #permalink

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