Sunder-Ire-land Thursday August 16, 2007

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the big stories in town is Sutherland AFC’s ascension to the English Premier League and Roy Keane’s first Premier League match as a head coach.

The most comparable explanation I can think of is the sort of vibe around town is very similar to what it was like when Sutter took over the Flames at the start of the 03-04 season. Keane has a no bullshit/work your ass off approach very similar to Sutter and a very similar death stare.

With the help of an Irish/Sunderland legend Neil Quinn the Sunderland team has become the defacto Irish team in the Premier league. Something like nine of the top players are of Irish decent. In response to the increased interest in the team across the country Ryan air has actually opened up a couple of extra flights from Irish destinations to NewCastle (Home of the Sunderland FC), while the Irish Times has now dedicated a section of their sports section solely to the Sunderland Team. It’s a very strange and exciting at the same time. (As you can see my allegiance to English Football Teams is about as strong as three year olds’ attention span)

Last Saturday Sunderland opened the English Premier season with a dirty win against one of the top five teams in the league Tottenham. I went down to the Rob Roy, which is a huge Roy Keane hang out. Most of the walls were adorned with Roy Keane memorabilia and the place was packed with people eager to see how Keane’s first match would turn out.

Needless to say Sunderland has already stumped much of the British pundits with one win and a tie against Birmingham City, with a rag-tag crew of mediocre players. But things are looking up as the club is already in the hunt for a couple more players and with the ground swell of support is looking to make a decent dent in the Premier league.

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