Random Thoughts For Douche-ness Friday August 17, 2007

Alright, since arriving in Europe I’ve had two epic douche moments.

  1. Bar Soap is a rarity in Ireland. When people shower over here they tend to use shower gels and other mystic contraptions. The most popular of these shower gels is LYNX. Surprisingly LYNX is very similar to North America’s AXE. Guess who smells like a great?
  2. I only packed two pairs of jeans in my luggage. Yeah, I know what was I thinking? Needless to say I had to buy a new pair of jeans after the first couple of days. Buying jeans in Europe is a little bit of a challenge. Let’s just say that your straight ahead denims are little hard to find within the cluster fuck of Eurotrash denims.

If I start listening to House music I’m giving everyone the right to riot up my damn apartment.

First – Oh Vince, Say it ain’t so buddy! Say it ain’t so!!

Second – I pretty much shit myself when I saw this, but Threadless has teamed up with Blik wall decorations. You can now buy Threadless designs as vinyl stick on wall decorations. If I had a little child he’d would be soooo twisted.

Third – I’m so jealous of British/Irish Cable Television. After watching nine (Yes, I said Nine) channels of Music Videos on a daily basis – I’m really missing the days when Much music used to play music videos. Anyways, I’m addicted to KERRRRANG! Television. I was catching up on my Andrew W.K., QOTSA and Old Green Day videos today over a cup of tea.

Fourth – Hard-Fi appears to be the newest English IT Band. What does that mean? Well it means that in a couple of months they might be cuddling with the likes of Kula Shaker, The Stereophonics, The Klaxxons and The Manic Street Preachers in the discount bin….or maybe they won’t.

You decide.

Fifth – courtesy of Kottke.org – Horrible Chinese rip-offs of the latest Harry Potter installments.

Sixth – Jack Black + Michel Gandry + Mos Def = Be Kind Rewind.

Sorry kids, but this movie looks stunning. If it were a human, it’d run with the jaguars and within two days someone would be pregnant. (courtesy JD )

Seventh – A High resolution picture of Iron Man has been released to the public. All I can say is – that shit is so money Mikey! So Money! (courtesy SHH.com)

Eight – Checking out Airbag Industries a couple of days ago and I stumbled upon the Airbag’s private shopping list. Amazing collection of some of the must reads for anyone interested in web design and graphic design.

Nine – So I was checking out the beautiful new Web Designer Wall site and stumbled upon this neat article calling for the end of Internet Explorer 6 Hacks. If you’re using IE6 on your computer please either upgrade or switch browsers.

side note: Mum, you’re running Firefox. Dad, you’re running IE6.

Internet Explorer 6 is the ultimate headache for web designers and if you are still using it I despise you. Although almost 50% of internet users are guilty of this crime. IE6 causes so many pointless errors, because of it’s out of date coding. If you’re running IE6, somethings just won’t align right on this site and well countless others. So do everyone in the world a large favor and make the ten second upgrade.

I know I probably haven’t convinced you so please just read that article and comments.

Ten – Welcome to my trip to Ireland so far ... Just fucking kidding.

Eleven – oooo look a cute puppy

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LYNX is made out of real bits of LYNX, so you know its good.

60% of the time… it works every time.

Dark Manyluk · Aug 17, 02:25 pm · #permalink


Yes, people still using IE6 really need to upgrade.

But really, if you stop the hacks and your site starts looking like butt because of it, who do you think the viewer is going to blame?

So if you stop supporting IE6, make sure you mention it somewhere so the user doesn’t think you suck at web design.

ryan · Aug 18, 11:54 pm · #permalink

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