The Chipper Sunday August 5, 2007

So when ever I talk about Cork, one thing always comes up…Fine! Two things always come up, but I don’t count verbally ripping open the sphincter of know it alls from the prairies as something to brag about. Anyways, the place that I always mention in reference to Cork is K.C.‘s Unholy Chipper.

See K.C.‘s is the mother of all chippers. Cork ex-pats are notorious for having the potato cakes packaged and shipped in the mail (to no avail). Simply put this is the greasiest of the grease – plus it’s addictive and delicious. The –few- numerous times I’ve been down right shittered in Cork this has been the place we go for the two a.m. munchies. The perfect elixir for one too many pints of Irish Cyyydar.

Anyways, in the above picture is the packaging it comes in – four thick pieces of scrap paper. The food in question here is their delicious Garlic Butter Chips. A large (by Europeon standards) bucket and absolutely drenched in Garlic Butter greatness.

As you can see after the fifteen minute trek home (mind you through the pissing rain) the package is drenched in yellowy golden grease. It’s what Homer once coined the holy window to weight lose.

7,000 miles of travel delicious!

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