This Post was written in the Lost Hour of Daylight Savings Saturday April 1, 2006

Ever seen it when tryhards try really hard to be cool. (Okay besides this blog) Well, I think there is a new station which is 24-7 TRYHARDS – all the time. Its called MTVCanada. Jesus! I think CTV did a diservice to society by running a three hour preview of thier drivel saturday afternoon. Wow! Who knew it was possible to assemble a more plastic group of bimbos than the bumper crop of zombies who ruined muchmusic. Anyways…

First – Shia Lebeouf (Constantine) is scheduled to play Spike Witwicky. It in itself is not news. The big news is that he’s playing Spike in a live action version of Transformers Directed by Michael Bay. (Dear God! Please help us all!)

Second – Craigslist Calgary – I’ve been lurking around Craig’s list for a while now. Tomorrow I shall plunge in and attempt to find some new dwellings in the city. For those new to Craigslist. It is essentially another web phenominum which started as a simple list of stuff for Craig Newmark (hence the name). Now it has evolved into a massive underground classifieds community, which in places like SanFransico and NY is stealing a major portion of the classifieds business.

The Calgary’s List is fairly small, but it seems to have a decent listing of Houses in my price range and location. I even noticed that there are Craigslists for Saskatoon & Victoria. With Craigslist appearances are decieving. Everyone knows it looks horrible. (Actually this was a topic of a panel at SXSW – Design Eye for the List Guys) Still it has becomes a simple, cheap and effective form of classifieds. Anyways, We’ll see how this experiement goes. If I find a decent rental house (allowing animals) I’ll post my experience here if people are interested.

Third – the Cryptomaniacs have added a new organ player, amping their pshyco-billy creepiness up that little bit more. Love it! They play the Castle on the 12th. Any takers?

Fourth – Ian and Myself met Randy Reames from Iowa at SXSW. While Randy was easiest one of the coolest guys we met in TEXAS, he also (in mid conversation mind you) rocked out the Hipster PDA. What is the hipster PDA you ask? Well its a “bunch of index cards you carry around with PDA templates printed on them”. When he rocked it out I almost fell over in amazement. Who needs a 400 piece of hardware. Ten dollars of index cards, a pencil and a decent printer and you’ve got the same thing. Amazing!

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