Random Thoughts For Time Zone Differences and All Sorts of Phoney Excuses Friday August 10, 2007

The one constant on c.t.overdrive since I started this site, besides my bad grammar and spelling, has been the Randoms. They’ve been a ridiculous and somewhat pompous staple on this site for over a year and a bit now. Last week, because of a ridiculous number of phony excuses I missed posting a Random thought. Sure time zone changes, bank holidays and the ever increasing connectivity frustration I’ve been having are some what legitimate reasons, but either way the streak of some 70 odd Random thoughts has come to an end.

Network Connection Issue

So now the streak starts all over again.

First – Amy Winehouse needs a new job. (From stereogum.com)

Second – On the 22nd of August I’m gong to The Budweiser Rising Festival in Dublin. The Foo Fighters, NIN and Battles all within a couple of days. It sounds fantastic, but why oh why is their web site such a huge pile of reeking shit. Could it provide any less information? Hmmm, I don’t know maybe providing an address or a list of other players.

This is why Budweiser tastes like horse shit – bad web design.

Third – For the record, I did not bring the latest case of Foot and Mouth disease to England. I may have infected the population with a large dose of Foot in Mouth disease, but in no way have I anything to do with the recent epidemic, even though it did start day after I arrived.

Four – The Lords of Doucheness have a pretty good ad campaign going on.

Five – From Phil The thrill – Johnny Drama T-shirts

Six – One of the Cork Legends of football Roy Keane is set to coach his first Premiership game this Saturday as Tottenham is playing Sunderland in the English Primer league.

This is big news in Cork because Roy Keane is a bit of a local legend, akin to The Mustachioed one or even Iggy. Except, Keane is a bit of a soding bastard. If I recall correctly, I don’t think either Lanny or Jarome have ever shatter another players shin on purpose… But I could be wrong.

Seven – The Ten most Caffeinated Diet Drinks

Eight – Irish Hurley at it’s best – Cork vs. Waterford.

Update: I’ve gone through and corrected all the horrible mistakes in the post. At least there’s one constant on this web site – my butchering of the english language.

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