Random Thoughts Fr Th Mmrs Friday July 27, 2007

Well, here is the last Random Thoughts from the Land of Beavers and toques. Thanks for the memories.

Now Enjoy what can only be describe as douchebags in the mist...

First – Fahk! I knew I should have held out for ipod shuffle dipped in pure gold. That shit is on time!

Second – Turns out the derogatory term of goomba is actually a Italian-American with connections to the mob. Who knew!

Third – ColorLovers.com has posted a collection of 20 of the most inspirational characters from Mojizu.com. If you ever want some sort of animation inspiration, I’d recommend searching the vast collection of animated characters at Mojizu.com.

Back on the original topic. Out of the twenty selected Bailarina, Ricardo and of course Chewy have to be my favorite.

Fourth – This article is probably one of the most stinging critiques of the life and time of Paris Hilton. It’s essentially an insiders look into the very twisted and self absorbed behavior of Hollywood’s collection of spoiled brats. (via my new crack – Lainey’s Gossip)

Fifth – This feels really odd saying this, but I can’t wait for this September 11th

Sixth – Frenden.com and his freakishly vibrant illustrations.

Seventh – The Ryerson Review of Journalism takes on George Strombo and the Hour. It’s a pretty decent article and some valid points seem to be brought up about the show, but the harsh criticism directed towards the format just doesn’t sit well with me. Using the National as a reference point when talking about The Hour seems a little misplaced. Nevertheless it’s a very entertaining piece.

Eighth – I fucking Heart this poster.

Ninth – Could someone remind me why again I am leaving 32 degree heat for rain, rain and more rain.

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Really, seeing my name juxtaposed with “freakishly” is never a bad thing. Glad ya like my stuff!

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