Corcaigh Tuesday July 24, 2007

Alright, so I’m starting to get things in line (and by start I mean still do absolutely nothing) for Ireland. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people have been wondering where I’m heading to. So here’s a little cultural geography lesson.

I’m heading to the wonderful city of Cork. (Or Corcaigh in Gaelic) Now Cork is the second largest city in the Republic and third largest on the island. (Yes, there is a difference between the republic and the rest of the island) It’s located on the southeastern coast of the island and happens to be one of the largest natural harbors in the world. If you’re looking for a place to compare it too, think about Red Deer but with a massive harbor.

Cork is essentially a manufacturing and shipping town. Insert Dirtiest city in the world slags here. But it’s also known throughout Ireland as the Rebel County. See Cork is sort of the unwanted shit disturbers of Ireland. Many of the major players in the beginning of the revolution were from Cork, most famously Michael Collins. (Who was killed outside a pub close to where one of my aunts lives)

The area prides itself on being somewhat different than the rest of the Island. It’s county colors are red and white and there’s a famous t-shirt about the People’s Republic of Cork. (I’ve got one) In addition, pretty much only tossers and tourists drink Guinness, because the region has it’s own Irish stout called Murphy’s. It’s essentially the only place that you grab a pint of Murphy’s, so it’s sorta a given to grab one there. There’s also a huge hate on for Dublin – a similar rivalry that Edmonton and Calgary has. Except there are far less riots and tossing of firecrackers at girls in shopping carts in either Dublin, Cork or Calgary.

More importantly, in less than three weeks, the region’s thick and guttural accent will have completely destroyed any sort of coherent language skills I’ve obtained over the past 20 years. See Cork is notorious for having a thick and incoherent accent. You know all those beautiful Irish actors who walk around with their crisp and clear accents? Well that’s because they’re all from either Dublin or Galway. Cork boys have really tough, crude and slurring accents. So if you think things are bad now, Jesus wait a couple of weeks.

Anyways, I’ve blathered on for long enough! So here’s the map of Ireland to show you where abouts Cork is in relation to the rest of Ireland. And for good measure here’s a few flickr photos of the region.

Geographical Lesson over.

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soon to be dirtier after connor visits…

dan · Jul 26, 11:11 am · #permalink


I thought Cork was a store on 17th…
I guess not.

Dark Manyluk · Jul 28, 08:31 am · #permalink

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