Local Delicacies Monday July 16, 2007

Alright, so with the departure date crawling up, I’ve decided to partake in a little Calgarian Tour de Farce of culinary delights. Or in layman terms – I’m spending the next two weeks eating all of the comfort foods I’ve grown to love in my fair and lovable city.

While I love the land of Buttons, CocoPops , Crisps (not what you think), Bacon & Cabbage (again not what you think) and Blood Pudding (unfortunately exactly what you think) there are numerous delicacies in this fair city that will be impossible to find anywhere on the Emerald Isle.

So here’s the Top Ten Local (or sorta local) Delicacies I’m gonna miss for the next little while.

1. The Ship Burger with Tomato Vodka Soup.
2. The Chocolate and Orange Milkshake from Peters.
3. The Monte Cristo at Nellie’s Break The Fast (God Bless that Place’s demolished heart) or the the Breakfast Burrito without Eggs at any of the minor league Nellie’s establishments.
4. The Motha Fucking A-BOMB
5. Spulombo’s Apple and Chicken Sausages.
6. Crave Cupcakes.
7. Ice Cold Snapple Lemon Iced Tea. (I know, I know – not local)
8. WildRose Industrial Park Ale.
9. Longview Beef Jerkey. (or for that matter any sort of Steak or Alberta Beef bye-product)
10. Regal Beagle Chicken Wings.
11. Wicked Wedge Pizza (the Roma Tomato Kind)
12. Avocados. (I know, I know – not local)

If anyone is interested in helping me out with this Tour De Farce, give me a shout out out out out?

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The Jukes’ pizza, not the Domanko.
Denny’s Buffalo Strips at 3AM.
A Steak Sandy at the Family Man, but you have to get in with a VIP pass.

Dark Manyluk · Jul 19, 08:31 pm · #permalink


I don’t know what the attraction is with Nellies, I just don’t get it. IMHO the breakfast at The Western on 4th is much much better.
Don’t forget the blood sausage’s yummier cousin ‘white pudding’. Try it, fried, on McCambridges bread when you get to Eire. Enjoy!
Despite my disagreement on breakfast dining establishments – best of luck w/ the eating and the packing and the leaving (remember, it’s the coming back that’s the hardest part and you don’t have to worry about that yet).

georgia · Jul 19, 10:26 pm · #permalink


Mark – Well, I guess we can now check off the buffalo strips at denny’s.

Georgia – The thing with Nellie’s is that its always reliable. It’s always the same sort of wholesome goodness at any of their 3,000 locations. On a side note – I’m dying for a big piece of blood pudding and counting down the days till ‘m in Erie.

cto · Jul 22, 11:06 am · #permalink

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