Yard Sale Thursday July 12, 2007

So in anticipation of the big move at the end of the month; yours truly is having his two week c.t.overdrive yard sale. If you have any interested in this amazing collection of ridiculous crap feel free to drop by and take it away from me.

  • A wide variety of canned vegan products and exotic spices.
  • An incomplete collection of hand-crafted limited edition IKEA dinner wear.
  • A set of antique Spalding Golf Clubs – circa 1968. (Vintage bag not included)
  • An assortment of half opened board games. (Trivial Pursuit and Star Wars Monopoly)
  • A laundry list of broken dreams.
  • Dozens of borrowed stein glasses, pint glasses and pitchers from various eating establishments.
  • Some dead and half-dead plants.
  • A slightly charred George Foreman Grill.
  • A Landing Beacon Florescent Light.
  • An assortment of pretentious metro-sexual teas and tea pots.
  • The 9 issues of Details I purchased just before realizing just how gay that magazine really is. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)
  • A half used Ricky Bobby Calendar.
  • An assortment of Art and Architecture art supplies.
  • One left Adidas shoe.
  • A Degree in Urban Studies and a Minor in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary. (Warning you also get a plate full of Student Loans with this one)

Sorry the Sumo Bean Bag chair has been spoken for.

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sign me up for the spices and the shoe. Gonna make myself some jambalaya…


brett · Jul 12, 10:26 am · #permalink


5 bucks for the Urban Studies degree. Sounds like it could be an upgrade for me…

Jamie · Jul 12, 10:49 am · #permalink


I want the Calender!
I also want the Black Knight.
my offer, $2
your move toxic turner

Dark Manyluk · Jul 12, 02:47 pm · #permalink


The Black knight is not for sale. EVER!

The Spices and the Shoe are Bretts.

The degree is your’s Jamie, if and only if I get a signed copy of the South Park Textbook.

Are there any takers on the laundry list of broken dreams? Seriously that’s gold people.

cto · Jul 12, 03:51 pm · #permalink


Are any of said dreams erotic in nature? Or are they all of the “troubled emo poet” variety?

I ain’t paying a dime for broken dreams about ‘career aspirations’ or ‘finding true love’...

Jamie · Jul 13, 12:15 am · #permalink



I can’t guarantee said dreams are “erotic” in any nature, but I can guarantee that they will be produced in amazing Technicolor. Does that help with the decision.

cto · Jul 15, 09:38 am · #permalink

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