Random Thoughts For a Man at the End of Innocence Friday July 13, 2007

So this list of Random Thoughts goes out to another one of us who has lost his hand at marriage…

My partner in crime Mr. Dark Manyluk.

Mr. Manyluk, if Ii had a nickel for every glass of Jagger and Coke we consumed before jagger was even cool or god damn every party we’ve hi-jacked for a c.t.o and dark mandyluk party, I’d probably have my student loans paid for. Best to luck of to you my friend.

You truly are the king of kings.

First – Stereogum.com is celebrating the ten years since OK Computer was released

Second – The single greatest quote about the Simpsons of all time.

“The Simpsons is the bane of our existence,” says Matt Stone, co-creator of South Park with Trey Parker. “They have done so many parodies, tackled so many subjects. ‘Simpsons did it!’ is a very familiar refrain in our writers’ room. Trey and I are constantly having our little cartoon compared to the best show in the history of television, The Simpsons. Why can’t we be compared to According to Jim? Or Sister, Sister?”

Matt Stone – Creator of south Park

Also if you’re curious turns out Springfield, Vermont is the home town of the Simpsons.

Third – Slate.com has a working storyboard of the new commercial announcing the arrival of David Beckham to the L.A.Galaxy. (All to the tune of Wilco covering the Beatles)

Fourth – Nobody back then died from The Fever, Indian raids, or heart disease, they just blinked into a pile of ash. And then someone would come and retrieve your three-piece wool tweed suit, dust it off, and take it back to the general store to collect the recycling deposit.

Fifth – Um…um…um… indie rock boys with their cats. (via. veer.com) I am honestly speechless. Is this something that girls find attractive?

Sixth – From TfK.com it seems like Budweiser is premixing a new concoction called get this BEER and CLAMATO juice! Oh my god what a unique idea … this … this has been done in Saskatchewan since the last time they won the Grey Cup.

Citizens of Saskatchewan here’s the email address of the the Budweiser marketing man so you can tear him a new one.

Seventh – Stephen Colbert’s Tex Jensen comic book is about to be released. I’ve been watching the Report for a while and I honestly thought this was a running gag.

Eight – Obama’s got style.

Nine – c.t.overdrive at the stampede.

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Mr. Danyluk Sr got a black eye from the bouncers at cowboys, there were 2 cops there who did nothing… Pop’s got the badge numbers and has a meeting with the mayor on Monday… nice!

Dark Manyluk · Jul 14, 08:33 am · #permalink

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