Three Weeks Tuesday July 10, 2007

Under the grey hairs and clumsy demeanor, I’m actually a pretty calculating and planning person. Usually when I’m preparing for some sort of trip or even a substantial event, I have everything organized and planned to a T weeks in advance. I’m neurotic that way – it’s an uncomfortable trait.

That’s why this image and the past few months have been so mildly amusing.

Because with my departure date hitting the three week glass ceiling, I still haven’t organized/planned shit. (But I have had dreams about the beaches of Nice) That’s right. Nothing. Thus making the fact I received a I’m Connor…I’m fahk’d pub crawl shirt this weekend that much more fitting.

What I’m going to find more entertaining is when my head explodes. People will be like…

Douche 1: Hey what happened to that Connor fella. Wasn’t he suppose to go to Ireland?
Douche 2: Nah man. He never made it. He didn’t sleep for a couple of weeks beforehand and his head actually exploded a week before he left. Sort of like that scene from Scanners.
Douche 1: Seriously…Like Scanners?
Douche 2: Yup, just like scanners… Want to go split a Tacoquito.

Anyways, it’s going to be an entertaining & busy couple of weeks. Hopefully people will now be able to understand why Douche Fest was planned for a month ago.

P.S. I’m throwing this out there but if I personally don’t get a chance to see/talk to everyone before I leave – Please do not take it personally. Time is my big enemy at the moment.

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I love how going to “split a taquito” isn’t a question.

Kari · Jul 11, 07:55 am · #permalink

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