Cabbie Monday July 9, 2007

Fahk Sting. Fahk the British BullDog. Fahk Tim Hunter. Fahk going to the Flames dressing room as a Kid.

This celebrity run in could rank up there as one of the single greatest occurrence of my short but ridiculous life.

That’s right Freaking CABBIE ON THE STREET.

I don’t think I have to point out my slightly heterosexual man crush with the Cabbie on the Street segments. So we’ll just leave it at that.

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I love how your relationship with him is only slightly hetrosexual, the remainder being totally homosexual. Did he enjoy the he-man party at detours?

Sorry man I had to.

Dark Manyluk · Jul 9, 09:53 am · #permalink


Ohh Shit. That’ll teach me to re-read what I write.

Strike that statement and Reverse it.

cto · Jul 9, 10:34 am · #permalink


here’s to my man ‘C’....coming from your man ‘B’

and I’m gone…

brett · Jul 9, 11:58 am · #permalink

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