Random Thoughts For Cowboy Carnage Friday July 6, 2007

Alright kiddies, you know it’s that time of year again. That’s right it’s The Calgary Stampede.

Head for hills kids, because it’s gonna be a rough one.

First – The Hearty Vegetable Soup from Safeway is quiet possibly the most disgusting soup I have ever consumed.

Second – The movie Venus is absolutely phenomenal. If you were wondering why that old drunkard – Peter O’Toole was at the Oscars this year go out and rent this movie. There is nothing in the world funnier than watching a notoriously alcoholic thespian actor playing a legendary alcoholic, drug addicted, 70 year old acting legend trying to seduce a 25 year old. Watching Peter O’Toole elegantly drop the c-bomb is a thing of beauty.

You can see why he’s on my top five drinking buddies list.

Third – A great little article about the supposed demise of the Calgary Flames from Calgarypuck.com

Fourth – This shouldn’t come as a surprise to all you geeks out there, but it looks like Michael Bay is already planning another Transformers Movie.

Fifth – T.I. vs Liars

Sixth – Ten questions with Jeffrey Kalmikoff I saw these three guys speak in Austin Texas two years ago and it was amazing. The only thing that pissed me off was their birth years. All three of the heads of Skinny Corp were born in 1981. Multi-millionaires before their mid twenties.

Seventh – Some more salt in the wounds of our furry friends to the north.

Instead, she insisted he sacrifice several million dollars so they could raise their five kids amidst the gunfire and politics of hockey hotbed Washington — one of America’s most violent cities.

Eighth – You got to love the Irish and their gambling habits. Turns out that Irish Bookies had to dish out some money on a bad Al Gore Bet.

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