Nolan Tuesday July 3, 2007

Late last night the Flames singed Owen Nolan to a one-year incentive laden contract. Sure it’s always wonderful to have a Good ol’ Fucking hard ass Irish boy on the team, but I have to wonder if this is the second coming of Lowery or is this going to be another Gelinas move.

Unfortunately, I still think Nolan’s career pinnacled at the 1997 All-star game when he pulled off one of the greatest goals in NHL history. Calling his own shot against Dominic Hasek during the All-star game held in his own kitchen which topped off a Hat-Trick, giving him the game’s MVP.

The only thing missing is a pint of Guinness and a fat cigar. I’m sorry but it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

P.s. Hey, guess who spins out in the first three seconds of the video.

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The best part of that clip is seeing Fleury in the scrum celebrating the goal with his Flames helmet on… awesome…

Nathan · Jul 3, 04:25 pm · #permalink


If the Flames ever found another Lowery, it would be the start of a 10 year cup tradition.

Dark Manyluk · Jul 4, 04:43 pm · #permalink

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