Random Thought on a Ravenous Friday Thursday March 30, 2006

First – I’m a huge sports fan, alright ravenous. For five years my sporting information crack rock has been Sportsnet.ca. This week they launched their new website redesign and it’s brilliant. No more Java plug-in, no more bullsh!t tables. Plus they even gave their on air personalities blogs. Mike Toth, Jamie Campbell, Martine Giarrd all with blogs. Amazing.

This might be a good move by sportsnet, but on the flip side there are the “blogging on sports experiments gone wrong”: LikeElisha Cuthebert on Hockey ( Like totally – the art of BOOING!! LOL!!! ) or Flea form the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the Lakers ( then there is the crazy neurotic flea (my least favorite of all) who
thinks that the Lakers play actually affects his life when superstition takes over and if the Lakers are winning his life is going swimmingly

Actually come to think of it, what kind of self-righteous prick am I to judge anyone’s blog or opinions or thoughts or writing skills. Really what have I contributed? Nothing more than pictures of ju-jube penises and descriptions of my bowel movements. So I’m going to reverse my point – This world needs more LOL’s Elisha and more neurotic Flea. Yes! Damn right.

Second – For all the people heading towards the home stretch in the Urban Studies program. A couple of interesting urban articles:

  1. Article on the unprecedented growth of Dubai in UAE. (I for one remember the days when Dubai was just a small port near Abu Dhabi. Alright I barely remember anything back in those days, the only thing I knew how to do was soil my nappy and dodge the ocassional sandstorm)
  2. This has been passed around like Sheryl Crow, but here are the Top 15 Skylines in the World

Third – I’m addicted to Flickr. I love how it is evolving from a place to store photos of your ugly baby and flowers to a new uncensored media outlet. Check out this entry from the flickr blog – Eyes of the World

By the way the CD for the Day is Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream! Enjoy the weekend people.

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