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Sled Island - VanGaalen Saturday June 30, 2007

First off Mr. Miller is covering the Sled Island festival with his beautiful photography. If you want a good handle on the festival so far; I’d advise you to spend sometime getting lost in his Sled Island Flickr Set.

So, I’m not gonna write a review of every show I’ve seen. Even though the SIDS thing turned out to be just a ridiculous gong show. But the Chad VanGaalen show at the Grace Presbyterian Church on Thursday night was a really different experience.
Chad Van Gaalen is a very entertaining and charismatic showman and put on a great show, but I think it could be the first time for myself that a concert has been so directly affected by the seating in the venue.

For some reason sitting on the lower deck of the pews was a far different experience than sitting in the second balcony. I’m not sure what it was but it just felt wrong to be trapped in the main floor pews watching a very quiet acoustic set. Maybe it just reminded me of some suppressed Irish-Catholic nightmares from my childhood or some sot of immense guilt. But the entire vibe of the shows was changed the second we moved up to the upper balcony and escaped the confines of the main floor pews. I have no clue what it was.

... And I’ll stop rambling. Anyways I hope you’ve taken a chance to see a show and if not just enjoy some of Miller’s pics. (I love photo of the Constantine’s bassist at the end)

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