Sled Island-arino Wednesday June 27, 2007

So this week is already turning into a musical week of chaos. Mix in a long weekend and the fact that tonight is the first night of the much anticipated Sled Island Festival and it just spells disaster. I’m already getting that SXSW adrenalin rush in anticipation of the Destroyer/Summerland shows tomorrow.

P.s. If you want more info on the schedule you can also google ‘sled island’ or ‘sled island preview.’

Anyways, because four days of music really isn’t enough. I went to see DJ Champion and Mike Relm at the Whiskey last night. DJ Champion was pretty solid and was definitely not what I expected. As the main act his set was really entertaining and filled with more energy than expected – It was a little more a rock concert than your usual base-head set.

But the highlight for myself had to be the opener Mike Relm. His set can only be describe as a Pop-culture Nerd’s wet-dream of a gig. More of a visual scratch fest than an actual music set. Relm’s schtick is that he scratches records over film clips, so for example he’ll scratch a Pee-wee Herman clip over Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Basically he combines Bjork, the Beastie Boys, Pulp Fiction, Peanuts, Nacho Libre and other clips into this crazy smorgeshborg. It was a great set and although the Office Space Ooo Face remix probably stole the show for most people, Everyone knows my soft spot for everything Rage Against the Machine related…

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