Dr.Kimble Tuesday June 19, 2007

For the first time in my life I grew a bitchass beard.

After going to my friend’s cabin for the weekend in May, I decided not to shave until my next client meeting. Some three weeks later (and no client meetings!) the whiskers finally got to me and it was time shave it off.

So with the help of a handful of my ex’s old razors and Lush’s raztorantium I had my first hour and half hour Dr. Richard Kimble moment. Now let me tell you one thing – There is now way that entire scene took less than five minutes. No way. No fucking way. And to come out without a nick? I have to call bullshit. Harrison Ford must be some sort of indestructible god, because there were driblets of blood in the sink by the time I finished.

Dr. Richard Kimble

Dr.RK: I didn’t kill my wife!
TLJ: I don’t care!

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“One does not choose to grow a beard, one only chooses not to grow a beard.” – Some hippie documentary I saw a while ago

hobo4hire · Jun 19, 01:42 pm · #permalink


That … was way too deep. Fucking hippies.

cto · Jun 19, 09:00 pm · #permalink


A shaving job that splotchy had to be done by the one armed man!

Kari · Jun 19, 10:15 pm · #permalink


So Kari, how many times do you shave your beard? Two three times a week.

(Sorry, it’s the whole walking through doors thing.)

cto · Jun 20, 01:53 pm · #permalink


You’re going to burn in a special hell where they constantly play Katrina and the Waves and give you Chad Kroeger hair.

Kari · Jun 20, 07:46 pm · #permalink

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