Random Thoughts For One Upmanship Thursday June 21, 2007

Last week I posted a Monstars clip and then my friend Jamie went and posted five of the most amazing 90’s Hip Hop videos of all time. Well Jamie, I’m going to one-up your B.C. ass this week.

You might call Triumph the November Rain of 90’s hip-hop videos but this is the music video that killed the mini Hip-hop movie. Dennis Hopper, Dany Devito, Busta Rhymes, Biggie, P.Diddy and seven minutes of the most pompous rip-off of the Running Man to ever grace much music. Apparently Arnie and Sub-Zero were busy that weekend?

Puff Daddy’s Victory!

First – The Portland Jailblazers … er … Trailblazers have set-up a twitter account in preparation for their first overall pick in the NBA Draft. Log into Twitter and you can learn everything there is to know about Greg Oden’s workouts with the Trailblazers.

I really wish the Flames would do this. I’d pay good money to see Sutter with a twitter account.

DSut is thinking that he likes longview beef jerk … and we need to sign Keith Primeau… And find more Keystone Light.

... alright, that joke seemed funnier in my head about two days ago.

Second – Anyone remember this guy?

Want to make a customized one at work today? I know you do. Go to Gloo Man and customize your little fella and then print him off. In ten-fifteen minutes you’ll have a brand new customized office buddy. If you work for a large corporation with an endless supply of color printing, well I think you’ve just found a mini project for the afternoon.

Third – RadioHead’s O.K. Computer turned 10 years old a week ago. (via kottke) I remember spending an entire 37 degree summer afternoon in Osoyoos B.C. hidden in the top bunk of a camper listening to Karma Police on repeat.

Yeah … I’ll admit it. I was emo years before it was uncool to be emo.

Fourth – As cool as two grown men hugging the shit out of each other is; the Ultimate Fighting Championship should not be recognized as a legitimate sport. Sportsnet, I don’t know when this happened but you are now a bush league network. Oh! How the mighty have fallen.

Fifth – If I had kids and/or knew someone who had offspring, I’d be buying these kick ass t-shirts for them.

Sixth – Live Free or Die Hard was released yesterday.

Think about this people – Officer McLean destroys a Helicopter with a car! Seriously, the screenwriters behind this idea should be using their amazing powers to end world hunger or to find a cure for cooties. They should not be writing Die Hard movies! This is utter brilliance. I honestly believe this could be the greatest piece of cinema since someone thought it would be good idea to jump at a Dragon with an Axe.

Seventh – Pig Iron Cola. (KFT.com)

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