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C.T.OVERDRIVE: The Mango Kid Vs Brawling Kids Connor Turner Overdrive | c.t.overdrive

The Mango Kid Vs Brawling Kids Wednesday March 29, 2006

On Tuesday I meet-up with Nathan from Although we mainly lamented about scene kids and potentially redesigning the site, the big event of the night was when he handed over an advanced US Version of the new Danko Jones Album – Sleep is the Enemy. (Although it’s already released in Canada & Europe)

For those who don’t know, Danko goes by many monikers – the Mocha Moses, the Mango Kid, the Brown Panther but plain and simple he just rawks. They are simply the greatest pure raw rawk ever. Easily one of my top ten favorite bands of all time. As a music geek and convert to the bloody cult of Danko, having a promo version is like heaven. As the album goes there is no Cadillac, but it is vintage Danko with tracks like Invisible and Baby Hates Me the most notable.

I also stumbled across these stunning photos of kids competing in a late night cambodian kickboxing bloodfest on the Flickr blog. (No Scott! I wasn’t searching for pics of little boys)

That old adage that a “picture is worth a thousand words” was made for this set of photos. There is no description or story posted, but each image takes you right to the humid ringside. Truly amazing! I just feel good knowing that after knocking the bloody chicklets out of each other, each kid probably went back to his shack and did what every kid does – eat jube-jubes and played hours of XBOX 360… Right? right?

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