Iron Mike Wednesday June 13, 2007

There is no single emoticon in the world that can describe my disgust at this moment.

Spin it any way you want but for the first time in months, I’m glad I won’t be in a country that has daily coverage of my beloved Flames.

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I believe the following applies appropriately:


ryan · Jun 14, 10:12 am · #permalink


long time no comment…..i think iron mike is perfect fpr the job, at least our star player isnt a complainer and wont leave at the first sign of a hard ass coach….Ive been hearing too much of it out here lately, and for the record we are not all nucks fans. damned nucks…...

travis · Jun 14, 09:33 pm · #permalink


at least it’s not MacT

Dark Manyluk · Jun 18, 08:57 am · #permalink

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