Random Thoughts For The Monstars Friday June 15, 2007

The autofill function on the iPod shuffle is one of the greatest inventions of all time. I have spent the last week in awe of some of the songs that have been appearing on my Shuffle.

Seriously, I don’t recall picking half of these things up. Hmmm… maybe its because you were on the iTunes store sorta ... kinda ... intoxicated one night. Anyways, walking down the street on Thursday this embarrassing gem from the past blew threw my ear drums. Once the What The Fuck vibe wore off, all I wanted to do was go home and fire up some Genesis NBA JAM.

Enjoy the weekend…

First – It’s an old one, but Marilyn Manson is now going door to door to shock Americans.

Second – A friend sent this to me earlier this week, but Calgary Inc. has a wonderful article about Business Blogging in Calgary. Alsion Bracegirdle does a fantastic job of summing up the situation in the city and I am so thankful some one has addressed this. This is something I’ve been passionately trying to convey with the corporation and is one of the key strategies for the company moving forward.

In addition, it looks like this month’s issue also talks about Cambrian House.

Third – A definitive guide to what defines a Web 2.0 Web Site.

Fourth – A map that replaces all the American States with its equivalent country based on GDP. Not surprisingly Texas is represented by Canada. Further proof that Texas is amazing. (via. ... um… forgive me I can’t recall)

Fifth – 50 Flavor pop machines are coming to a Wendy’s and McDonalds near you. Sweet mother of Jesus! There is a god. (via. TFK)

Sixth – The crack that is Heroes is brining in new characters for volume 2. including … get ready for this …. a small time Irish Mobster.

Seventh – The Amarageddon Flowchart. The Danyluk brothers will be happy to know that once Bruce Campbell dies we are all fucked. (via kottke)

Eigth – Alright, so any allusions of an illustrious political career have forever been destroyed by the invention of the Digital Camera. HA!

Miller’s small but fantastic collection of photos from Douche-fest ’07.


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