Aftermath Monday June 11, 2007

So to say Douchefest ’07 was a great time would be an understatement. An understatement sorta in the same vein as saying that George Michael might be gay or that TAG Body Spray might be flammable. (Especially near beards)

Thanks to everyone who came out with their gamefaces on Saturday night. It was a memorable send off, which is a pretty crazy statement on its own. As you can tell I’m still in recovery mode so posts might be a little off for the next little while.

But I did get this cool link from Ryan’s blog to the corporate website of RED called (if you know a little bit of HTML code you’ll appreciate the humor in the web site url. If you actually get out and talk to girls, then you’re not gonna get the humor in the name.)

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I’ve decided to keep the sweater vest,
I make it look good.

Dark Manyluk · Jun 13, 09:32 am · #permalink


Douchiest bunch o’ douches that ever douched.

hobo4hire · Jun 13, 10:40 am · #permalink

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