Douche-Fest Saturday June 9, 2007

Wait, you too? Yeah, I was in the DON’Ts a few years ago, then I got this invitation to come here for the weekend. Apparently some rich guy was in the DON’Ts too and wants us all to get together to plan revenge. Oh shit. Like that movie The Benchwarmers? Yeah. I fucking loved that movie. Me too. Jon Lovitz is my dawg.

This jem is straight from Vice’s Dos and Don’t of fashion. I’m expect more of this tonight.

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I’ve never even seen this level of doucheness in person before…

dave · Jun 9, 09:22 am · #permalink


i like the hats

Dark Manyluk · Jun 11, 08:52 am · #permalink


I’m a big fan of the armless shirts and the racoon hat and the red-dyed mohawk. There is soo much wrong with this picture that it makes me want to cry.

cto · Jun 11, 02:40 pm · #permalink

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