Guaranteed Fresh 2 Tuesday June 5, 2007

This picture is further proof that there was one period of my life that I didn’t front grey hair.

Magnificent Dodger

I love how I’m all “Hey! You’ve got a Toy Machine Gun – well fuck you jackass! Because I came to JAM!”

I’m a firm believer that everyone should go out of their way to really cherish their birthdays. Take the day off. Don’t do anything that’ll put you in any sort of stressful situation. Go out and do the rare things in life that used to make you giddily happy. You know the simple joys. Those moments before the world became so serious and modern society started dragging you down?

Celebrate being alive. Celebrate that you’ve made it to another birthday.

... Therefore I’m turning off my computer, turning my cell phone off and celebrating my birthday with a free plate of Buffalo Strips at Denny’s.

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Happy Birthday dude!

goates · Jun 5, 06:49 am · #permalink


Buffalo Strips would be a mediocre name for a band.
But it does sound like it should refer to some horribly deviant sex act…

In either case, have a great birthday – enjoy the “Buffalo Strips”...

Jamie · Jun 5, 09:25 am · #permalink


Happy Buffalo Strips Connor

Dark Manyluk · Jun 5, 10:39 am · #permalink


Happy birthday. Try not to give yourself stomach cancer at the Denny’s though!

ryan · Jun 5, 12:35 pm · #permalink


Thanks toys.

I’m sitting here in my knickers enjoying a large Orange/Chocolate Milkshake all in your honor.

cto · Jun 5, 02:22 pm · #permalink


Word of advice, buddy:

Next time you’re chugging down shakes in “My Honour”, put some goddam pants on, ok?

Your Buffalo Strips are poking through your knickers…

Jamie · Jun 5, 02:26 pm · #permalink


Just so I could be different… I sent you a happy birthday message on facebook.

kari · Jun 5, 09:36 pm · #permalink


I hate facebook

Dark Manyluk · Jun 8, 02:47 pm · #permalink

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