Random Thoughts For Nerdcore Hip-Hop Friday June 8, 2007

Alright, so on occasion I’ll give a shout out for some one who’s done some solid work. Anyways this week I’m throwing this randoms thoughts to an old acquaintance from the dark university days. I’m throwing this out to Anand and his bumptop software.

Anand was the legend from my art minor days. During those days we’d spend class contemplating ways to get incorporate some hip-hop flavor into our art projects … whether it was fronting some ghetto signs in his scrap book or wearing his I heart NE t-shirts, the guy was solid gold. Anyways, now he’s hanging out with the big wigs of the software industry and pawning his crazy software. Check the video out below to get a vibe of what he’s doing.

First – Business cards that sprout roots. If only I had known about this a week or two earlier!

Second – I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world has seen the horrid new symbol for the London 2012 games. I’ve heard of comparisons to Pikachu, the Pontiac Aztec and even to an image of Lisa Simpson doing something very, very naughty. Either way it’s a utter disgrace to glorious British Empire. I’m sure Churchill and Trafalgar are rolling around in their graves.

Third – some like it hot – It’s a Vice Dos and Don’t so I wouldn’t open it a work.

Fourth – One of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen.

Fifth – A great series of instructions on how to riot like a Beverly hills starlet. (via Airbag)

Sixth – I’m sure i missed the obligatory Nobody knows what the Stantley Cup playoffs are in Anaheim news story, but it seems at least LAist is going mental for the playoffs.

Fuckin’ Neidermeyer brothers.

Seventh – Beards are for players and Ill is for Illinois.

Eight – Kanye and Daft Punk together at last.

Ninth – I was going to make this a separate post, but I’m sorta posted out at the moment. Anyways, The ARM has a brand new temporary corporate web site. Just in time for a series of upcoming launches. Tell all your friends and help a broke web designer out.

Here’s what the old site looked like

Old Armadillo Web Site

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