Home Office Sunday June 3, 2007

I find it fitting that while I’m writing this post it’s a sweltering 27 degrees outside, the sun is shinning and I’m working on a Sunday afternoon.

Alright, since officially devoting my time towards the Arm, I’ve gotten numerous questions/comments about how nice it must be to work at home. You know to not have to deal with the rush hour traffic, the daily commute and your atypical office environment. Anyways, I’m going to dispel/squash some of the myths about working from home.

First of all I love my job. I love running my own company. I’m also sure that if I was surrounded by vomiting rug-rats, a nagging spouse or even a roommate; this experience would be completely different. But working from home has been a dramatic shock to the system. Especially for someone who thrives off of routines.

First off, when you work from home there is zero human interaction. I mean zero. I can go five hours without uttering a single word. unless of course I stub my toe on the counter. Then I can have a very heated conversation with the lord thundering Jesus. But on the whole you human contact is relegated to the figments of your imagination. Sure the occasional telemarketer will phone or you might GooChat with a friend, but on the whole there is no reason to utilize those vocal cords. There’s just no one around to impress.

Meaning there are no human distractions. You don’t grab a coffee with the hot girl from the cubicle down the hall or you buddy on a different floor. I’s really easy to find yourself in these weird zones – periods of time where you do nothing but straight work for five or six solid hours. I’ve had more than one morning when I’ve woken up at 7:3oam worked until 1:oopm and realized that I am indeed a sick and revolting piece of society who still hasn’t showered or shaved. There is nothing more embarrassing than looking up at 12:45 and realizing that repulsive body stench is coming from your armpits and that you really need to put on something more than your knickers.

The next biggest shock is what happens to your schedule. See days and time no longer have any real meaning to me. Sure days are used for meetings and on Wednesdays Lost is on. But besides that, everyday is a work day and every hour is an opportunity to get things done. Which makes sleeping all that less appealing.

As I mentioned, I find my most productive time is between 7:ooam & 1:oopm. After realizing how disgusting I am, I’ll venture outside and ensure that Armageddon hasn’t come and that there is indeed human life. Then I’ll take a nap from 3-5:oo. Wake up. Watch the Hour (the only real stable time benchmark in my life) and begin working from 8-12:oo. Rinse, wash and repeat. That sort of non-judgmental work schedule is a major shock to the system. Especially for someone who’s lived the 7:3o-4:3o lifestyle for the past five years.

So I hope that answers anyone’s questions. It’s not as glamorous as a life style as you might think. But it’s the cards I’ve been dealt. Upon my return – my first priority is to find some normal office space for the corporation. Until then it’s the home office for armadillo studios.

Which is a small price to pay.

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Come on, just admit it. You miss doing real work… ;-)

goates · Jun 3, 09:00 pm · #permalink


Sorry to be the one to break this to you, but just because you shower doesn’t NOT make you a sick and revolting piece of society…

dave · Jun 4, 11:58 am · #permalink


Hey, at least you realize your status in society. Many people who work every day have trouble understanding how disgusting they can be. Lrn2brsh teeth.

ryan · Jun 5, 12:33 pm · #permalink

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