Random Thoughts for Ari Gold Thursday May 31, 2007

One of the best Ari Gold lines…

Gary Buesy: ... I know you. You are a gut maggot … with no guts.
Ari: You’re going to spin of this planet. I love it.

After this week I think i might join Busey on his little journey.

First – I’m obviously big on the whole life experience mumbo-jumbo. Anyways the CBC has posted a fantastic little essay from Rich Terfry – more commonly know as Buck 65.

Second – From kottke.org a story about thousands of fake plastic ducks. Similarly from coverville.com one cover of fake plastic trees.

Third – The 19 Commandments for web design. A humorous rant and a fantastic read for anyone who wants to understand why things like flash-based sites and other neat tricks in web design are not the best for businesses. Also realize, that even though I’ve prided myself on abiding by at least seventeen of these rules, there are about two I might be guilty of.

Fourth – from the aforementioned kottke, 100 words every College Student should know when they graduate. I’d like to add a few other words to this list. How about pompous, arrogant, douche bag, condescending, and maybe even a little conceited. Thanks for adding more fuel towards my disdain for academia.

Fifth – Mark Cuban responds to Donald Trump’s recent string of insults after the Mavs were upset by the Golden State (Oakland) Warriors.

Sixth – The twenty five most epic flops in the music history. For the record, I liked U2’s Pop.

Seventh – Remember that SNL skit where cat’s were fortified in camo-battle armor and launched missiles at other cats? Well check out this insane link from Veer.com showing custom made suits of armor for mice and cats. Now that’s a badass kitty.

Eighth – Guess yesterday’s post is the latest addition to the i♥u flickr pool. For the record I didn’t even know you could type ♥‘s like that.

Nine – Reminds me of Barcelona … Well at least the first time around.


Tenth – March 2007’s Web 2.0 fad and April 2007’s Web 2.0 fad are now BFFs.

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Gary Buesy tried to fight the Predator, and lost… Only Danny Glover and Arnold are tough enough to win that battle.


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