Oregon Trail Wednesday May 23, 2007

From Zack Klein’s site, it’s a link to the online version of the Oregon Trail. Warning! You might have to install some small plug-ins to get it running.

Oh hot diggity damn! Which of these pioneers is going to perish first? I can’t wait to find out!

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I find it somewhat ironic that in order to discover the future site of Portland, I need to be running Microsoft Windows…

Jamie · May 24, 01:01 pm · #permalink


...stupid Oregon Trail…kill my family…

hobo4hire · May 24, 08:58 pm · #permalink


Is it wrong to laugh when a ‘party’ member drowns during a river crossing, but to then be infuriated when you can’t trade for a wagon wheel?

cto · May 25, 06:45 am · #permalink

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